Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heeere fishy fishy...

Did you know that Muskoka has more than 1600 lakes, rivers and streams? And in those waterways are an abundance of aquatic animals, from tiny water insects to turtles, birds that love the water and, of course, fish. It’s the fish we’re going to talk about today.

In our own Peninsula Lake, fish species include both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Lake Trout and Yellow Perch. Here’s what they look like plus some tips for catching them if you’re so inclined:

Largemouth Bass

Usually weighing 2-6 pounds, these guys have a bone-jarring strike! They prefer warm water with abundant aquatic vegetation and are often found in thick weeds, near sunken wood, below overhanging trees or near docks. They take shelter during the day, so early morning and evening are the best time to catch them.

Smallmouth Bass

Ontario has some of the best smallmouth fishing in the world. They often hang out in schools and, despite their average 2-3 pound size, they’re strong so expect a fight. They like lakes and rivers that are clear and rocky and are typically found around shoreline rocks and points or in deep-water offshore shoals. Like their largemouth cousins, fishing is best in the early morning and late evening.

Northern Pike

These are the big guys in Pen Lake. Pike average 3-6 pounds but fish as big as 15 pounds can be caught. They like bays and shoals with lots of vegetation where they can ambush smaller fish. The eat aggressively and can usually be caught any time of day, but morning and evening are still best.

Rock Bass

These cute little guys are a good choice when fishing with kids. They like to eat and will bite all day long. They are often found hanging out near docks and sunken wood, so they’re easy to fish from dock or shore.

Yellow Perch

A yummy panfish, perch weigh just a few pounds and average 6-8 inches long. They like open water and are usually found near the bottom.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout like deep water and as the water warms up they go deep and special deep-water tackle is often required. In the summer, it’s best to fish in the morning when surface waters are calm. 3-6 pound trout are common, but fish 20 pounds or more can be had.

If you're interested in fishing the next time you're at Colonial Bay, let us know! And don't forget that anyone over 18 needs a license to fish.

The September long weekend is approaching. We still have a few units left...why not join us?

The Howell Family


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