Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Muskoka G8 is over!

It has been an exciting year surrounding the Muskoka G8 in our little Ontario town of Huntsville. Much has been said about the money spent on infrastructure and security costs for the G8 in Huntsville and I'm sure the discussion will continue for sometime.

For our little part, at Colonial Bay Cottage Resort we hosted a contingent of RCMP marine operators and rescue dive personal. These men (yes all men) represented the RCMP in an exemplary way. We shared our property with a group of respectful, engaging, humorous and dedicated officers for 7 days. Like most of our guests, we were sad to see them leave but knew it was time for them to return to their families. This group of guys came from all parts of Canada and many had worked at the Vancouver Olympics last winter. I think our hospitality and the good food provided to them from Pow Wow Point Lodge trumped the cruise ship experience of the Olympics!!

Huntsville, Deerhurst Resort and the surrounding area is quickly being transformed back to "Muskoka Style". Fences are coming down, hundreds of porta potties, temporary lights, trailers, tents and the like are being removed or picked up as I write. Our summer guests began arriving yesterday and we look forward seeing many of our summer friends in the coming months.

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