Friday, July 2, 2010

Golf a-round in Huntsvillle

We've known for quite awhile that Huntsville has lots of Golf Courses and they range from 9 and 18 hole local courses like Whispering Pines, Huntsville Downs and Granite Ridge to Championship Courses like Club Links Mark O'Meara, Deerhurst's Highland Course and Bigwin Islands spectacular 18 holes.

Last week as President Obama arrived in Huntsville for the Muskoka G8 aboard his helicopter Marine One, it's reported that he even noticed the abundance of golf courses.

When U.S. President Barack Obama stepped off his helicopter in Huntsville on Friday, the first thing he said was, “You’ve got a lot of golf courses here, don’t you?” Industry Minister Tony Clement told the National Post in an exclusive interview.

Why not come up to Huntsville and Golf on the courses that President Obama had a chance to fly over. We'll even put together a custom two or three day golf package that includes one of our Muskoka Cottages, as many rounds of golf as you like and a great place to relax with family and friends at the end of the day.

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