Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mother Nature's Paintbrush

Muskoka is beautiful at any time of year but in the Fall, she is adorned with brilliant colors. There’s nothing quite like sitting dockside on an Autumn morning with splendid reds, oranges and yellows reflected in the lake while loons provide the soundtrack.

It’s also an ideal time to tour around Muskoka, either by car, by bike or on foot. For some gorgeous hikes, revisit our list of Muskoka hiking trails. And if two or four wheels are more your style these driving tours, which are also suitable as long bike tours, will have you ooohing and aaahing in no time.

Lake of Bays tour
From Colonial Bay, take Highway 60 east through Dwight to Highway 35.

  • Turn right onto Highway 35 to Dorset. (If you have time, the hike up to the Dorset Fire Tower provides a beautiful vantage point over Lake of Bays.)

  • Right onto Highway 117 to Baysville. (If you detour along Old Highway 117 to Norway Point, you can arrange for a water taxi to Bigwin Island.)

  • Right onto Brunel Road in Baysville.

  • Right onto South Portage Road (Muskoka Road 9).

  • Left onto Highway 60 and back to Colonial Bay.
Distance: approx. 90 km (1.5 hours or more, depending on the number of times you stop)

Huntsville Chain of Lakes tour
From Colonial Bay, take Highway 60 East to South Portage Road (Muskoka Road 9).

  • Right on South Portage (Muskoka Road 9) to Muskoka Road 23

  • Right on Muskoka Road 23 back to Highway 60 (You have just circled Peninsula Lake)

  • Left on Highway 60 to Highway 11 (Passing Fairy Lake)

  • Left onto Highway 11

  • Right on Ravenscliffe Road

  • Left on E Fox Lake Road

  • Left on Hoodstown Road (Muskoka Road 45)

  • Right on South Drive (still Muskoka Road 45)

  • Left on Etwell Road

  • Left on Aspdin Road (You have just circled Lake Vernon)

  • Right on Highway 11 to Port Sydney

  • Right on Muskoka Road 10 through Port Sydney (Passing Mary Lake). Consider stopping for a picnic lunch at the public beach in Port Sydney.

  • Left on Brunel Road to Huntsville (If you have time, stop at the Brunel Locks and watch the boats or at Lions Lookout above the Canada Summit Centre for a sweeping view of Fairy Lake and the Town of Huntsville)

  • Right on Main Street

  • Right on Highway 60 and back to Colonial Bay
Distance: Approx. 100 km (2+ hours, depending on the number of stops)

Algonquin Park Tour
From Colonial Bay, take Highway 60 East to Algonquin Park (a visitor’s pass is required for the park - you can purchase one at the West Gate)
The drive through the park is beautiful and offers abundant opportunities for short hikes or viewpoints. The viewing deck at the Visitor’s Centre (at km 43) will give you the most accessible panoramic view in the park.
Distance: Approx. 180 km to the East Gate of Algonquin Park and back (3+ hours depending on how often you stop)

And, as always, the view from Colonial Bay's dock is stunning and is only a few short steps from your door.

Some leaves have already started to turn, but the peak of autumn color is still a few weeks away. It varies from year-to-year, typically falling somewhere in the last week of September or the first week of October.

Come and join us for Mother Nature’s brilliant show.
The Howell Family

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